How to D.E.S.T.R.E.S.S. Your Life


What happens when your work, life, health balance gets out of whack? First everything seems difficult, people seem demanding, stress levels build and suddenly you lose

‘sight and perspective’ of your life; goals which once inspired you now cause pressure and you start to feel tired and lethargic.

In today’s economic climate, there is an ever increasing amount of responsibilities and social pressures making it even more difficult to balance work, life and health

together. To help manage times where you may start to feel stressed, We have put together a DESTRESS strategy to help keep your life in balance:

D – Do the ‘Urgent AND Important’ things first
Take a step back and prioritise those things that are not just urgent, but also important. Things that seem ‘urgent’ but really won’t impact your day are often the

things that keep you ‘busy’ rather than ‘productive’. Being ‘busy’ is often a sign of procrastination; dealing with the seemingly ‘urgent’ tasks can be a subconscious

barrier to avoid more difficult tasks.

E – Exercise every day
The body can deal with stress effectively as long as it is dealt with quickly. How? By exercising! Aim for at least 15 minutes every day.

S – Stop and think about your Physical and Mental health
During stressful times our health often falls by the wayside, so ask yourself these questions every day:
• Am I eating healthy foods that give me energy?
• Am I exercising regularly?
• Am I getting enough rest?
• Am I reading inspirational and motivational books to keep my enthusiasm alwasy high.
T- Take 5 mins out for you
Go and sit somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed for 5 minutes and try not to think about anything. There are few things in life that are so urgent they can’t wait 5 minutes, but what if spending 5 minutes a day to yourself actually increased your quality of life?

R – Remember God
we are all the children of God that’s why call Him supreme father. Our father is the world almighty authority and ocean of knowledge,ocean of happiness, ocean of virtues and ocean of love. Being the children of god we are inheriter of all the property that God have. It is our birth right to receive this inhertance from God. By rememberance of God we can receive all the virtues, knowledge, love and happiness from God.
E – Eat Well
High stress often leads to eating more, so focus on eating small healthy meals regularly throughout the day. This will help you to stabilise your blood sugar levels and fight off cravings that often result from stress.

Self Respect is a fundamental for a great life. If we lack self-respect we will be insecure and strive to be someone we are not. To develop self-respect means to cultivate the self confidence to deal with whatever life throws at us. The following are some ways we can improve our self-respect. Remember, self-respect comes from an inner belief and not an egoistic feeling of superiority.
* Be True to Yourself
* Learn to Handle Criticism
* Remember your Motivation, Not Results
* Respect Others
* Never Hate Yourself
* Forgive
* Remeber that you are child of God and as Great as He is.
* Do meditation to develop self respect
S – Sleep well

Getting 6-7 hours of sleep helps your body deal with stress. If you have trouble sleeping, try the following:
• Go to bed early and wake up early regularly.
• Do meditation for some time before bed.

By following this simple DESTRESS plan you will be able to keep your work, life and health in balance so that you feel unstoppable, re-energised and ready to take on the world!

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