Daadi’s Message – 2


Today we stand at the confluence of the old and the new. Transitional moments such as these are very auspicious. The begining of a new year is like a dawn. It is a time of new possibilities. If we use this time for reflection, we can bring to the highest level of awareness and create real newness.

Ask what is the most elevated vision I hae for myself in this new year? What are the gifts I have within me that I can use to bring light to the world? How can I bring new meaning to my relationships with othersand a new feeling of respectto the way I connect with the natural world?

Let me make this a year in which I realize the greatness that is latent within me and witness the brilliance of those around me. I may be only one person, but my elevated thoughts and pure feelings can radiate out and touch 100,000 others with light and might.”

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