Daadi’s Message-1



“God’s direction to us is ‘Children,be Honest’-there is power in honesty.However, it must be honesty without self righteousness. Some People may consider themseleves to be very good and at face value people may even say that they are good. However, if they are not good internally , others will feel their lack of attaintment and so won’t trust them or accept their help.

The attainments other feel from you are not gained through your physical possessions or a life of luxury. Physical possesssions only make people dependant . Attaintments are felt in things of simplicity; by that which is filled with truth and cleanliness .Ask yourself,’What is the quality of my loving feelings, of my pure intentions?’ When you feel within yourself the unlimited qualities of real love ,deep peace,and a cheerful heart, you will naturally serve those around you .You won’t need to tell others that you are good. Others will know through the goodness of your presence and by experiencing your attaintments.”

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