Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya offers foundation course in meditation through each of its centers spread across the world. At the heart of the course is a clear understanding of the relationship between spirit and matter, mind and body, and the interplay between the soul, God and the material world. The course enlightens people on spiritual themes and lead to self development and inner transformation so that one feels enthusiasm and attains happiness in life in all situations.

Apart from the basic course in meditation, the institution offers following courses in places like hospitals, schools, prisons, business and industry, etc for the benefit of the society in the spirit of social service. These courses encourage positive values, offer a fresh vision of future and strive to bring out the best in the people.

* Self-Management Leadership
* Stress Management
* Living Values
* Positive Thinking
* Mind Management
* Relationship Management
* Self-Empowerment
* Developing Concentration Power
* Increasing Memory Power
* Increasing Self Esteem
* Exploring Eight Inner Powers
* Developing Positive Attitude

The Self Management Leadership(SML) is a training course for executives and professionals at all levels who wish to develop their personal leadership capabilities to a higher level.

The underlying philosophy of the programme is that authentic, inspirational leadership requires a firm foundation of self knowledge and inner power that can only be acquired through a disciplined process of self-management i.e. management of one’s thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

SML is a fusion of the best modern management practices with the ancient self management principles of Raja Yoga. The programme was developed by the Brahma Kumaris in collaboration with western management development professionals and the senior management of one of India’s leading industrial groups.

The SML programme consists workshop sessions with an accredited trainer from the organisation. Typically, the programme comprises of following sessions

Sesson 1: Vision, Mission and Values – A personal choice

This workshop session deals with the subject of clarifying my personal values and vision. Topics include

* Identifying my innate values and acquired values
* Understanding the power and influence of my
* innate values on my emotions, thoughts and behaviors
* Learning how to empower and motivate myself
* through the application of my innate powers
* Developing my personal vision and mission
* Identifying the blocks and barriers to personal progress.
* Developing my personal self management plan

Session 2: The Change Master Workshop

This workshop equips managers with the knowledge and inner powers they need to manage themselves in order to lead others through periods of turbulence.

The topics covered include

* Why people resist change
* The different approaches necessary for transformational versus transitional change
* The inner powers necessary to deal with change
* How to access the inner powers
* How to change deeply entrenched attitudes,
* behaviors and emotional reactions.

Session 3: The Hidden Powers of Leadership

This session deals with inner powers, which are essential aspects of leadership that cannot be acquired

The topics include

* The eight inner powers of effective leadership
* How to maintain self esteem and fearlessness in the face of criticism and negativity
* How to develop and sustain the charisma of an effective leader
* How to deal with conflict and chaos with calmness and courage

Session 4: The Inner Game of Teamwork

In any organization, successful teams are those whose members are bonded together by a subtle thread of common purpose, mutual respect, honest communication and an agreed code of behavior. This session deals with the subtle process of building a sense of ‘community’ within the group based upon the personal example and practice of the leader

Topics covered include:

* The power and effect of the leaders’ attitude and vision of the group
* How to restore respect and trust if it has been lost
* How to engender open and honest communication without drowning in negativity
* How to inspire commitment and motivation through a powerful mental attitude

Stress happens most in the context of our day to day interactions and relationships. Stress is both a sign of damage and it does damage. Before managing and preventing stress, a new understanding is required – the what, why and how of stress.

This course will incorporate useful techniques for transforming stress that include meditation, creative visualisation and thinking positively.

One will learn how to:

* Identify the type and level of stress that a person is experiencing today
* Relaxing and refreshing mind and body anywhere, anytime.
* Turning negative, energy draining, thoughts into positive, empowering ones.
* Developing a constantly positive attitude and protect the self from negative and stressful influences.
* Strengthen the ability to respond and thereby build confidence in dealing with difficult people and challenging situations.
* Turning resistance into acceptance & release creative energy.

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